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5 Blogging Tips for Streamlining Content Creation

5 Blogging Tips for Streamlining Content Creation

Blogging tips for business
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First off, there is no getting around the fact that blogging is a lot of work, but these blogging tips for streamlining content creation should make the process a little easier.

Blogging for your business will, in time, generate leads and sales as well as increase your social engagement with your potential customers and customers alike. In today’s world of social media, that is important.


Having said that, it doesn’t mean you want to spend all of your time coming up with ideas and writing blog posts. With that in mind, read on for tips to streamline the process of writing content for your blogs.

Blogging Tips for Streamlining Content Creation

There are many ways to streamline how you create your content for your blog posts. These are some of the best and will save you time each and every time you start to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard.

1.Take the time to create an editorial calendar – By spending an hour, or less each month and mapping out what you are going to write and when you are going to write it, the whole writing process becomes easier.

That way when it is time to write, you don’t have to think about what you’re going to write. You can just do it.

2. Write down ideas when you get them – Have a running list of blog post ideas at the ready at all times. One of the biggest issues is for business bloggers is to figure out what to write about. The easiest way to do this is to use your customer’s questions.

You already know the answers, so why not write about them? Every time you get a question from one of your customers, write it down. Then when it is time to write a post, pull out the list and get busy. Easy…peasy!

Speed Up the Blogging Process

3. Use the same format – Most blog posts fall into the same pattern. This is especially true if you are answering questions. They tend to have an introduction, a question, the answer to the question, and the conclusion.

Think back to high school English. Most of your papers would have had an introduction, main body paragraphs, and a conclusion. It’s no different here.

Don’t try to change things around with each post. People expect to see a certain structure in writing even if they aren’t aware of it. Also, this will save you time and trouble.

4. Make an outline – Oh the dreaded outline! Don’t worry, this outline can be as simple as a few thoughts written down or even bullet points. It doesn’t need to be anything big, but what it will do is help you focus your thoughts and make the writing process much easier and faster.

5. Have a post at the ready – No matter how diligent you are at planning ahead, making a schedule, and having ideas at the ready, something will come up from time-to-time that will get in the way. That’s why you should have an evergreen spare post available.

That way, if something does happen at the last minute, you can still keep to your posting schedule and the topic won’t be stale. An evergreen post is simply a post that is relevant today and six months from now.

Unless you just love to write, blogging will always be a chore, but it is possible to streamline the process and make it more manageable. With our five blogging tips for business, you should find that creating content for your blog will be easier.

You will be able to keep to a schedule that your customers – and potential customers – can count on, and they will thank you for that.

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