4 Twitter Tips for Business to Increase Your Followers

4 Twitter Tips for Business to Increase Your Followers

You wouldn’t think 140 characters would get you much, but Twitter has shown you the way to engage your customers and potential customers in bite sized pieces. To help you get the most out of your efforts, take a look at these 4 Twitter tips for business.


If you apply them, you’ll find that you can double your Twitter followers. It does take a little time and effort, but it is certainly worth it.


4 Twitter Tips for Business

1.Up your customer service – In today’s world, the last thing someone wants to do is call a customer service number and be put on hold. Twitter tips for business


People live their lives and conduct their business on their phones. They want to be able to send a quick tweet and get an even faster response to their question or issue.


By moving your customer service to Twitter, you will be able to deal with customer issues quickly and in the format they like best.


Even better, other customers will be able to see the effort you put into your customer service, and they will reward you for it.


Don’t be afraid of customer complaints. Trust me, if you aren’t on Twitter to address them, they will still show up. By being there, you’ll be one step ahead of the game, and you can keep small issues from becoming larger ones.


TopBizTip Pro Tip:  If a situation is really complex, do go ahead and send the customer a Direct Message. You can do that by including a link in your response that asks the customer to send you a private message.


When customers are happy they will share that, and it will lead to more followers and increased sales. When they are unhappy, be sure they will share that as well.


2. Use the right hashtags –   Hashtags are a whole topic unto themselves, but the bottom line is you need to be using the right ones.


Your hashtags are keywords. You need to use good keyword research here just as you would on your website or on any other platform.


By using relevant keywords, your reach will go far beyond your current followers, and if those who see your hashtags like what they see, you can be sure they will turn into followers as well.


Just be sure you don’t use more than two hashtags per tweet. Also, if you want your tweet to be retweeted,  you need to leave about 20 or so characters available so someone can do so.


Hashtags work well with current events if your business relates in some sort of way. You don’t want to fake it or mislead people, but if you can connect what you to do a big event, then use a hashtag for it.


This can bring many new eyes to your content and really increase your followers.


3. Make sure you use images –    I know that adding a picture or video to your tweet takes extra time and effort, but do it anyway.


Studies show that you are 3 times more likely to capture someone’s attention and have them engage with you when you add a photo or video.


You can even add up to 4 photos with each tweet if you really want to go all out, but it isn’t necessary. Just use a picture that is eye catching and makes sense for what your tweet is about, and you’ll be fine.


By using these 4 Twitter tips for business, you’ll see your followers increase, and more click-throughs to your website. Ultimately, this will increase your sales.


Think of Twitter as the beginning of your sales funnel for potential customers and a way to keep current customers engaged and buying over and over again.


When you think of it that way…all the work doesn’t seem so bad after all.


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