About Us

About Us

Hi! My name is Beth Nelson. I have always loved small businesses and have owned and operated many over the course of my life. I truly believe there is nothing quite like owning your own business and being the master, or mistress, of your destiny.


Of course, that doesn’t mean starting and growing a business is easy.  That’s why I have decided to start this website.


I want it to be a place you can come to find answers to your questions about social media, blogging, small business tools, bookkeeping, and small business loans. Consider it a one-stop-shop for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and startups that need quick and easy answers for their business questions.


Long story short, I want to pass along what I have learned along the way. I don’t profess to know everything, but I do feel I can offer you, my readers, some value and hopefully make your business journey a little bit easier.


Next Steps…

Sit back, relax, and start learning reading.  Pick a section to start with that makes sense for your specific situation or send me a quick email and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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